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Hong Kong City Barbeque - Chinese Restaurant in Ft Lauderdale


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Reviews from Check Please! South Florida - WPRT Channel 2

"Not many local Chinese restaurants barbeque their food in the traditional way. HKC never fails to deliver . . . Neither I, nor my guests have ever been disappointed at Hong Kong City; in fact, we have enticed many converts to give this mode of eating a try. They always come back for more, and so shall I...so should you." ~ Alan Posner

"My meal was ample and flavorful, and Id recommend it to friends. The food was as good as any restaurant that Ive tried in New Yorks Chinatown . . . It is nice to find a Chinese restaurant like you would find in a San Francisco or New York Chinatown right here, in South Florida." ~ Don Bailey

"The food arrived quickly, and our server was great. Each dim sum dish was $3-3.50 per plate a steal for such delicious treats!" ~ Seemee Chan

Dining Review: Hong Kong City / Tamarac
on December 19, 2008

First impression: It's great to see this highly regarded spot reopened and bustling once again. The revamped menu is larger, more interesting and so extensive you could eat for weeks without repeating a dish. Scrambled eggs with shrimp and scallops, anyone?

Ambience: A small Chinatown-style counter shows off mahogany-hued hanging ducks and other authentic goodies while the dining room looks handsomely simple, decked out in green linens and napkins to match the wooden blinds.

Starters: As a long time fan of salt and pepper prawns ($13.95), I'm happy to report they're better than ever. Textbook perfect, reminiscent of great fried shrimp minus the heavy batter, these allow for a moment of gentle crunch before leading to plump juicy shrimp. House-made pot stickers (six chubby ones for $6.95) are another great starting point. Seasoned ground pork is packed into delightfully chewy dough, then properly caramelized on just one side. Or let the gentleness of chicken corn soup ($7.95) be a light prelude for more assertive things to come. The velvety elixir serves at least two with no lack of minced chicken or corn.

Entree excellence: Leave your hankering for moo goo gai pan to your neighborhood standby and explore the wonderful array of dishes that sets this place apart. Singapore rice noodles ($9.95) deliver bursts of curried flavor from diced ham, shrimp, pork and peppers. Crispy whole yellowtail (market price, we paid $21.98) snatched fresh from the tank and deep fried, blossoms when julienne pork with onions and Asian mushroom sauce is ladled on. All casseroles are scrumptious, especially one featuring shrimp, scallops, squid, conch and mixed veggies in white garlic sauce ($12.95). There's so much fork-tender beef in the chow fun with brown gravy ($10.95) you can hardly see the noodles.

Side issues: Feel confident with any of the bright and fresh Chinese vegetables ($8.95-$12.95). Try snow pea tips when available. I'm partial to fresh green beans ($8.95) seared in a hot wok with garlic and shallots until wrinkly but still crisp and smoky-flavored from the intense heat.

Service: One change for the better since re-opening is service. It takes more than refilling tea pots to make diners feel taken care of. Now, you'll find the kind of gentility and pacing that leaves the competition in the dust.

The Best Darn Authentic Chinese Around

4 Star Rating: Recommended

11/03/2008 Posted by bflashgordon

The reopening of the Hong Kong City BBQ is an event to be heralded. Not only do they cook their own great BBQ , the likes of which cannot be duplicated for many miles around if at all in South Florida, but they have recently returned to serving great Dim Sum as well. Want fresh seafood? Pick out your own crabs, lobsters or fish from the tanks. Want real Chinese dishes and flavour? The extensive and varied menu ought to satisfy any whim. We've always had great service and prompt delivery of our order. The Staff are willing to explain any dish that you might not be be familiar with. We have found the pricing to be reasonable and while decor is very plain, the establishment is clean and bright. We highly recomend this one of a kind (in Broward County)Chinese restaurant.

Avg Rating: 4.6  out of 5 stars      Number of Reviews: 3

A diner from Pompano Beach, FL gave an overall rating of 5.0  out of 5 stars on January 1, 2009 @ 8:44 PM

 I stumbled across this restaurant about a year ago. I have been eating there on a regular basis. The large portions of freshly prepared food is well worth the money. I enjoy the shrimp dumplings, the selection of congee soups, and the BBQ items are all delicious. The staff are very friendly and accomodating to special requests. I highly recommend giving it a try. I am sure glad that I did.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Food - 9.0
Service - 8.0
Value - 8.0
Atmosphere - 8.0

Posted on 1/17/2009

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